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Monetize Your Traffic with BookPod Affiliate Program, Earn Up to $36 for Each Referral!

We recently launched an Affiliate Program for our App - BookPod, where we offer our affiliate partner 30% commissions for each referral.

BookPod is an AI powered text-to-speech App that turns any book into an audiobook. It packs with different natural sounding AI voices, plus advanced AI powered translator that supports over 100 different languages.

By joining the Affiliate Program, for each new user who sign up with your referral code, you can received up to $36 dollars in commission. If you are interested, here is the detailed partnership proposal and a “How to Sign Up” video guide.

To get started:

  1. Download the BookPod App from App Store/Google Play from your iPhone/iPad/MacBooks/Android Devices.

  2. Open the BookPod App, go to Settings, and click on Affiliate program.

  3. Read the Affiliate program introduction.

  4. Tap Sign up / Sign in. Read the agreement and policy. Fill in information required.

  5. Now you can use your Referrer ID as the Offer Code, you can share your Referrer ID to start earning commissions!

Download Link:

Feel free to email us if you have any questions regarding to the App or the program.

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