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Turn Your Books into Audiobooks for Free with BookPod, Powered by AI with GPT-4

Introduction- Want to turn your books into audiobook?:

In the age of multitasking, audiobooks have become a popular choice for those who love to consume literature while on the go. However, creating audiobooks from existing printed material can be a daunting task. Enter BookPod, a revolutionary app that allows you to turn your books into audiobooks for free. In this blog post, we will guide you through the simple three-step process of transforming your favorite books into engaging audio content.

Turn books into audiobooks with BookPod.
Turn books into audiobooks with BookPod.

Step 1: Scan or Upload Your Book

BookPod simplifies the audiobook creation process by offering two convenient methods to input your book. The first option is scanning the pages using your smartphone camera. This user-friendly feature ensures that even those without advanced technical skills can participate. Alternatively, for those who prefer a digital approach, BookPod allows you to upload your book directly into the app. This step opens the door for a wide range of book formats, making it a versatile solution for avid readers.

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Voice and Speed

One of the key highlights of BookPod is the ability to customize your audiobook experience. After successfully scanning or uploading your book, the app lets you choose your preferred voice and playback speed. Whether you enjoy a soothing, melodic voice or a more energetic tone, BookPod offers a diverse range of options to suit your preferences. Adjusting the playback speed ensures that you can consume the content at a pace that matches your listening comfort.

Step 3: Scan All the Pages You Need and Save into Library

Once you have tailored your audiobook experience to perfection, the final step is to scan all the pages you need. BookPod's intuitive scanning feature allows you to effortlessly capture the content you want to include in your audiobook. As you scan each page, the app compiles the audio files, creating a seamless and comprehensive audiobook. Save your creation into the BookPod library, and you'll have your personalized audiobook ready for listening whenever and wherever you desire.


BookPod has emerged as a game-changer for book enthusiasts who wish to transform their literary collection into dynamic audiobooks. With a simple three-step process – scan or upload, choose your preferences, and save into the library – BookPod empowers users to create personalized audio content for free. Whether you're a book lover looking to revisit your favorite novels or an aspiring audiobook creator, BookPod provides a user-friendly platform to bring your literary adventures to life in audio form. Turn the pages of your books into captivating narratives with BookPod, and embark on a new chapter in your audiobook journey.

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