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Need to use ChatGPT with your team at work? Here is a solution for ChatGPT Business Plan:

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

ChatGPT is a powerful AI assistant tool that can be used to make work more efficient. However, OpenAI's current plan does not allow users to share memberships or subscriptions, making it harder for team members to share their ChatGPT results with each other.

ChatGPT plans from OpenAI
ChatGPT plans from OpenAI (

An alternative solution to the absence of ChatGPT's sharing feature/business plan is ChatGen Plus—an AI assistant for families and teams powered by the ChatGPT API, GPT-4, and DALL-E.

ChatGen Plus' sharing feature allows a single subscription to be shared with unlimited amount of collaborators, saving money and enhancing collaboration efficiency. It is available on iPhone, iPad, MacBooks, and Mac, with iCloud Sync across devices.

ChatGen Plus features
ChatGen Plus features

Business can use ChatGen Plusl to incorporate AI tools into your workflow. Whether you need it to write emails, blogs, solve math problems, generate AI images and logos, analyze images, summarize documents and meeting notes, convert text to speech, or anything else, ChatGen Plus has got you covered. Treat is as ChatGPT Plus with team sharing feature.

Download now and enhance teamwork efficiency within your company. App Store:

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