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Want to Share ChatGPT Subscription with your family and friends? Follow these steps:

Updated: Jan 25

ChatGPT free and plus plan
ChatGPT Plans (from

Have you ever wanted to share your ChatGPT or ChatGPT Plus accounts with your friends? While OpenAI hasn't officially integrated this into their services yet, using ChatGen Plus can help you achieve the same goal.

ChatGen Plus Group share let you share subscription with anyone
ChatGen Plus Group Share

ChatGen Plus is powered by the ChatGPT API and GPT-4, and it comes with a group sharing feature. This feature enables unlimited sharing with anyone the user wants to share with, whether it's friends, family, or colleagues. Unlimited sharing with one plan saves you money and makes collaborating using AI more efficient.

As it's powered by GPT-4 and the DALL·E API, you can generate AI images, write emails and essays, solve math problems, plan trips, analyze images, summarize documents, convert text to speech, and so much more.

AIForAll features, including AI writer, AI Image Generator, AI math tutor, AI image analysis, text to speech, and much more.
AIForAll Features

ChatGen Plus is now available on both the iOS and Mac App Store. With the iCloud sync function, users' chat history and AI assistant's responses will sync across devices.

Download and share ChatGen Plus now for an advanced AI assistant and efficient collaboration with your groups. App Store:

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